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  • Low Cost PBN Building
  • Spam Free Domains
  • Easy Content Strategies
  • Next Gen PBN Strategies
  • Leverage For Real Site Links
  • 301 Redirect Strategies
  • Fastest, Easiest & Cheapest PBN Building Ever!

Most People Don't Take Advantage Of This Powerful Backlink Strategy Because They Don't Know How Or They They Think Its Too Expensive ... But This Course & PBN Building Service Changes Everything!


RankAttack PBN


How To Get A PBN Done For You At LOW Cost!

Private blog networks have always been an elusive backlinking strategy for many SEO’s unless they bought links from public networks that are selling links.

Some of these networks are built really well and stand the test of time but overall it's a pretty dangerous strategy as they are within Google’s view as they are advertising in forums and gig sites.

The only way to get real long-term benefits from a PBN is to build a truly private network that will never be advertised to the public.

The problem?

  • It's time-consuming
  • It often costs a LOT of money
  • Many people are not sure how to do it properly
  • There’s a ton of really bad information around building one
  • Once you start to build one you can quickly start regretting it when you see what's involved.

Well, I have some really good news!

What if…

  • You can have a PBN built for you
  • Almost hands-free on your part (You have to register domains yourself)
  • It includes getting spam free domains found for you
  • Domains with Trust Flow of 15+
  • It also includes getting sites built for you
  • And it costs just $20 per site!

So, let me back up a bit…

This is a new service we are providing and it is available only via my new course “RankAttack PBN”


Let’s get back to the actual service that we are offering that is available ONLY to RankAttack PBN members as we need to limit how many people we can bring into this low-cost PBN Building service.


So what's actually involved in this service?

You need to buy the domains that are found and the cost is $10 fee for finding each domain which will be trust flow 15+ with manual spam filtering.

That’s a great deal right?

You also need to purchase a membership with easy blog networks which have one of the lowest deindexing rates according to a recent case study of 5000 PBN sites.

They remove a lot of footprints for you automatically.

After we have your Easyblognetworks login details we will build the sites.

These sites will have...

  • A logo
  • Different Theme and plugins on each site
  • We will change the DNS for you in your Namecheap or GoDaddy account
  • The cost of building the site is also $10
  • If you choose we can set up auto-posting of content from Article builder to get fast content on your site for about 50 articles then we will switch the article builder posting off...Again this part is optional.


RankAttack PBN course isn't so much about building PBNs and we have this new low-cost service to do that for you.


It's about how to use them and what we can do with them and there is some brand new fresh training that no one else is teaching.

  • Simple Uncomplicated PBN Building
  • How To Get Manually Spam Filtered Domains Found For You For just $10 Each
  • How To Get PBN sites Built For You For Just $10 Each
  • Fast Easy Content Strategies For Your PBN Sites
  • Automate Social Signals To PBN Sites
  • Core PBN Site Backlinks
  • 301 Redirect Strategies
  • How To Monetize Your PBNs
  • Access Our NEW Low-Cost PBN Building Service
  • How To Use Other People's Content For Your PBN Sites
  • How To Leverage Your PBN To Get Real Traffic Site Links 
  • Next Generation PBN Sites 
  • Making Your Private Blogs Into Real Sites
  • Easy PBN Site Traffic Strategies 
  • Working In Group Networks Strategically
  • Monetizing Your Private Blog Networks


Get Exclusive Access To Our PBN Building Services

  • Only Available To RankAttack PBN Members
  • Low Cost Done For You Services
  • Fast Easy PBN Networks
  • No PBN Building Knowledge Needed
  • Minimum Trust Flow 15+ Expired Domains
  • Domains Spam Filtered
  • Only Main TLDs Used
  • Just $10 Per Domain
  • Different Theme On Each Site
  • Different Plugins On Each Site
  • Logo Created
  • Just $10 Per Site
  • Optional Automated Content
  • Keep Freshness of Your Sites
  • Add Links When Needed
  • Make Posts You Add Links To Featured To Make Home Page Links
  • You Purchase The Domain
  • Follow Simple Steps For Registration Details
  • Provide Your Registrar Login
  • We Will Set The Correct DNS For You
  • You Need An EasyBlogNetworks Account
  • Provide Your Login Detailss
  • We Will Add Your Domains To Easy Blog Networks Account
  • We Will Build Your Sites From EBN


Here's What You Will Learn In The PBN Course


The Price of The Done For You Services Increases For Any NEW Members After The Countdown Timer Ends

RankAttack PBN

This is a limited time offer and the ONLY way that you can access our low cost PBN done for you services.

The price of the services may increase at any time but the prices mentioned on this sales page at the time of ordering is the prices that are available now which currently stands at $10 for finding spam free domains with Trust Flow of 15+ and site building at $10 each site (You must purchase domain registration and you must use easy blog networks hosting)

Anthony Hayes



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